Taking part in my first Ubuntu Open Week

Oh yes, I am a very big fan of Linux, especially the Ubuntu operating system - an awesome design, easy use (dispelling all the old facts that Linux is just the command line, but if you do understand the power of the command line, Ubuntu has it too), plus its amazingly fast. But thats not the point, not just yet. After the release of Ubuntu Karmic Koala on 29th October, the Ubuntu community conducts an open week of discussions on its IRC channel with key persons conducting a hourly sessions. You really do tend to meet great people there.

The Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is an amazing place to meet brilliant people. Its like chat room with many channels, except the difference is that, the channels are all mostly composed of developmental projects, or are like a help-lines .etc. In short its a intellectual area. The Ubuntu channel is a bit different. Consisting of the most members on the whole of IRC at any given time, you can ask any question and expect many answers and none trying to tell you how stupid that question might be. Well thats an Ubuntu community, with respect for everybody.

The open week was on a totally different level. The sessions all ran smoothly and effectively. Personally I learnt a lot from there, not just about Ubuntu, but many other different aspects (I got to ask many questions too :) ). The session conductors were the most brilliant people have met. You could actually feel that as they spoke.

The Open Week is inspiring. But I couldn't stay for full sessions. The only full session I stayed for was 'Writing a book', and I think thats what I am going to do! And also start contributing to the art group on the Ubuntu Community.
Their community is what that makes them different and the best. (Also their cool names for releases! )

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