Little love for the Koala?

Karmic Koala was one of the most awaited ubuntu release. But soon after its released, It received completely mixed and extreme reviews. While some say they loved it and yes, it was the best Ubuntu ever, there were some who claimed it 'crashed' too often. On every forum, these people posted, they received heated arguments claiming that it was the fault of their hardware not really the software. 

But if you really think about it, Ubuntu Karmic is bringing about a lot of changes which are newly implemented and in a very short time (of 6 months). This results in some bugs. But as my experience with linux says: if you can fix it, its only on a linux. And this does turn out to be right! Ubuntu's community has solved most of the problems people were facing. But that shouldn't have been the situation in the first place!

Ubuntu's community is huge, but they work on a tight schedule. A new release every 6 months, and a Long Term Release (LTS) after 2 years. But working on a tight schedule will surely create unsolved problems! Right now, Ubuntu is like the forerunner and a host to newcomers switching to Linux. It should be at its best to win over users. Its amazing how the developers do it. They have already announced a new release after 6 months in May 2010, which will be a LTS - The Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx. (See! I told you they have catchy names)!

But yet, apart from some periodic problems, Ubuntu continues to surprise its users with amazing new features. For those people, who have Karmic up and running, are getting the best of Linux. I, have still not been able to try it. But even though I read these negative reviews, I will still try it and urge you to do the same. In fact most of the negative reviews stop making sense after the first paragraph (of 4 lines). Some even compare it to other free software which is stable and fast, like Mac OS X. Mac OS X is not even a free software!! Well, at least that helps us, trying to get people to go for the change. It only takes 10 minutes to install, 10 minutes to decide whether you like it, and 10 + 5 minutes, to uninstall! 

See this for reading those reviews (positve and negative): 

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